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Dec 3, 2020

Kansas Partners With Wellpay Initiative, Go Get Tested, To Make Free COVID Testing Accessible Statewide

All across the country rates of COVID-19 are continuing to rise, highlighting the resounding need to provide mass COVID testing to the general public...and quickly. Unfortunately, recommendations for COVID testing and accessibility to COVID testing sites vary largely state by state. Many, particularly those where the majority of the population lives in more rural areas, have struggled with both testing accessibility and testing turnaround times. With just a few testing centers available, there’s not enough manpower to administer, process, and follow up on the high volume of tests coming through each center. 

In places like Kansas, Governor Laura Kelly is taking big steps to remove these barriers and increase both COVID-19 education and testing accessibility through her new public health campaign: “Stop the Spread. It’s Up to Us, Kansas.” While the campaign incorporates a number of initiatives designed to educate the public on disease prevention and highlight the importance of wearing masks and social distancing, the biggest item of note is the partnership between the state of Kansas and Go Get Tested, an independent platform built to enable access to COVID-19 testing for everyone. 

By utilizing Go Get Tested, Governor Kelly hopes to rapidly increase the state’s ability to provide COVID-19 diagnostic and screening tests to Kansans for free and to double the amount of testing done in Kansas by the end of the year.

Wellpay & Go Get Tested

At Wellpay we’ve witnessed firsthand the effects of COVID in our personal lives and on the healthcare industry as a whole, and we’re committed to doing whatever we can to help stop the spread of COVID and provide free, accessible testing to members of the public not just in Kansas, but across the entire United States. Our goal is to help get our nation healthy and our economies on track to safely re-open. 

We’re proud to play a part in helping accomplish that goal by using the Wellpay platform to serve as the foundation for Go Get Tested and by assisting with all payment processing, payer support, and patient communication through GGT.

How GGT Is Changing COVID-19 Testing

Go Get Tested is a digital platform that helps connect people who want or need a COVID test with local testing centers in their area. Through the website people can search for the closest testing centers (both physical and mobile testing sites included), schedule a test, and then receive results remotely. The tests are free regardless of whether or not patients have insurance, and results are delivered within 2-4 days - a significantly quicker turnaround than tests administered at many urgent cares and outpatient locations. 

GGT is a partnership between several companies, including: Wellhealth, Wellpay, HealthTrackRx,Texas Health & Human Services, the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, Lead Commerce, PODS, and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. It’s a revolutionary tool for COVID testing and a perfect example of the incredible work that can be accomplished when organizations from different industries like tech, healthcare, and the government work together and combine their strengths to create an innovative solution for a nationwide problem. 

COVID-19 continues to take a huge toll on our country, its citizens, and the economy, but by making COVID tests free, simple to schedule, and more accessible to the public we’re taking huge strides towards halting the spread of this disease. 

Schedule your free COVID test through Go Get Tested today!

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