Perfecting Patient Payments

Wellpay is a modern healthcare financial technology platform specifically tailored for the needs of independent practices, groups and their patients

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Join the hundreds of providers and over 12,842+ patients who have had a better payment experience

What you get with Wellpay

For Providers

A simpler way to send and manage bills (digitally), and an easier bill for your patients to understand. Less confusing bills get paid faster and aren't a strain on your bottom line.

For Billers

Total control - collect patient balances 24/7 with real-time reporting and management of bill activity. See your outstanding A/R decrease before your day's done, every day.

For Patients

An incredibly easy-to-read medical bill. One where you can actually understand what's due. And the most painless way to pay it off. Or apply for  payment plans that you can afford.

Designed around You

We make it less complicated

With the increase in patient responsibility, it has never been more important for your practice or group to adapt to this rising trend.

Wellpay is the first platform to consolidate the entire patient financial experience. We've got you covered from the first co-pay interaction through post adjudication cash collection, dispute management, and Autopay all-in-one.
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Automated to engage

We know that your practice spends too much staff time and money on outdated collections methods that don't work. It doesn't need to be this way.

We harness the best technology available to relieve your staff from this burden. Through our machine-learning engine, Wellpay tailors communication, on your behalf, to gently remind your patients about their bills. Freeing you up for what matters most. And removing barriers to payment.
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Handle patient financial communications like a pro. Wellpay delivers intelligently timed gentle reminders to help your patients engage on their channel of choice.

Handle Disputes

An integrated and reliable way to track and respond to billing disputes - without leaving the Wellpay platform. Our providers experience up to 80% declines in phone calls about disputes.


A complete suite of payment options to meet your patients where they are: pay in office or pay anywhere. Credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, HSA, ACH... and 0% interest-free financing. Wellpay accepts it all, even when patients are on-the-go.

Pay Over Time

In these economically challenging times, patients need payment flexibility. Wellpay helps your patients get care without putting your practice at risk for nonpayment. Multiple options from 0% financing to payment plans come integrated.

Get it all done in one place

A fragmented patient financial experience has significant impacts on your practice, your staff, and your revenue. Wellpay can help.

How Wellpay Works for You

Take the stress out of
billing management.

Experience Wellpay - a simple financial platform that streamlines the balance collection process for every type of healthcare specialty

An end-to-end solution for all your billing needs.

Your most important data, together in one place. We show you what you need to know, so you can get to know your business better

A flexible amount of ways to do what you need, blazingly quick.

Create, send, find a bill or patient record - without the headache of repetitive input or getting lost.

Be More Effective

Simplify communication with clear, automated reminders to your patients via text or email. Meet them where they are - on the go.

Or, accept in-person payments and save money with the lowest, competitive rates on the market.

Either way, you'll have a competitive advantage with Wellpay.

Disputes, managed.

Receive, track, and respond to disputed bills all in one place. Wellpay’s integrated system makes it easier to resolve disputed charges immediately, without adding extra steps to your workflow.

Keep track of bills in real-time

No more wondering if or when you’ll get paid: Wellpay shows you when your patients  interact with your bills and when they’ve paid in full.

We play nice with EMRs

You can sync your patient data on our HIPAA compliant, bank level secure platform and save hours every month on keeping your records straight.

Better for you and your patients

No matter your specialty, we deliver better

“We have significantly grown our revenue through the digital billing channel, and we couldn't have done that without Wellpay improving our team efficiency across multiple offices, and giving us the ability to do it all on the go."

Dr. Khan
Dallas, Texas

“In less than a minute I was able to open my bill, pick the right payment plan, and take care of my bill”

S Sawyer
Patient, Dallas

"Wellpay is truly a game changer in creating a better medical billing experience. I can’t believe how easy it is to use for my practice. Wish I knew about this sooner to save time and money!"

Dr. Trompeta
MD, Los Angeles, CA

"Having someone I can text with, who can help me dispute and confirm exactly what I am supposed to pay has been a godsend. I get a lot of doctor's bills, and Andi delivered an excellent experience."

Vivian W.
Patient, Brentwood CA

"We've been able to see aged recovery increase from 4% to 30% and growing in less than 60 days. This is an incredible achievement while making sure patients are happy and well treated."

Carla T.
Director, Revenue Cycle - Bass

"I lost my job in October. The Wellpay support team didn't keep hounding me for payment. They immediately stepped in and helped me communicate with my doctor without me having to call them. Thank you for being different.

Tomislav K.
Patient, Danville CA

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