Covid-19 Response

0% Interest, $0 Fees for all your healthcare bills

We believe that no one should have to struggle financially before or after they receive care.

Enter your phone number below, upload your medical bill, and we will contact your provider.

On your behalf we will negotiate, dispute, or get you on a zero interest, zero fees plan.

COVID-19 patients get a dedicated advocate to support you - always just one SMS message away.

What's included?

Reducing the financial barriers so you can focus on your care and life.

Advocates for COVID-19 Patients

This an unprecedented time for patients, especially those that are suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic. A dedicated patient advocate will be with you every step of the way.

Help and support is one SMS away

All interactions will happen in the one place where you already spend a lot of time, SMS. You don't have to create an account, remember a password, or download an app. But we're also here to chat, if you ever want to speak on the phone, too. We're here for you either way.

Military-Grade Security

Any information shared between you and Wellpay is stored on your device. We utilize the latest military grade security to make sure your data is protected. It's our highest priority.

Flexible, complete payments

You will have a range of options to pay off your bills, including 0% interest free pay-over-time options. All payments are covered by Wellpay's 180 day guarantee. If at any point you have an issue with a paid bill, message us.

How does it work?


Send your bills to Wellpay

Wellpay will message you via SMS or email with a prompt to upload your medical, dental, veterinary, or other wellness bill.

Get personalized payment plans

Wellpay will reach out to your provider to try to negotiate a payment plan. We're your advocate all the way through, including dealing with any charges or surprises that don't look right.


Make payments with flexibility

Whether you want to pay over 3 months or 6, you have options. And if you need more flexibility, let us know. We're here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my doctor accept Wellpay?
Wellpay works with a large and growing number of medical providers across the United States. In the event that your provider is not yet on Wellpay, we will work with them to get them setup on the platform.
Do I have to pay my bill in the interim?
You can at anytime pay your provider directly. It typically takes us anywhere between 3-5 days to get your payment plan setup. We will keep you updated constantly on our progress.
How secure is this platform?
Wellpay takes your security very seriously and uses state of the art technologies to protect it. Wellpay uses bank-level security in all of our processes. Data is securely encrypted and transferred over SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connections that are both PCI (level II) and HIPAA compliant.
How does Wellpay make money out of this?
We charge the provider a small transaction fee for facilitating the payment. Given our scale this is typically done at a lower cost than what they typically pay today to process credit cards.
Can I pay my Dentist, Vet, or Chiropractor too?
Yes, we work with all different types of medical providers, and specialists.