Pay Anywhere

Your patients are always on-the-go, so why not meet them there when it comes time to pay their medical bills? This means no more mailed paper statements or wondering if/when patients will pay.

Instead, Wellpay sends an easy to understand digital bill where patients can pay 24/7 anytime, anywhere.

Wellpay's less confusing bills get paid faster and aren't a strain on your bottom line.

It's no wonder that our patients complete their payments in seconds, not weeks.

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Get it all done in one place


Wellpay delivers intelligently timed gentle reminders to help your patients engage on their channel of choice.

Handle Disputes

An integrated and reliable way to track and respond to billing disputes - without leaving the Wellpay platform.


Credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, HSA, ACH... and 0% interest-free financing. Wellpay accepts it all, even when patients are on-the-go.

Pay Over Time

Wellpay helps your patients get care without putting your practice at risk for nonpayment. Multiple options from 0% financing to payment plans come integrated.

"Wellpay is truly a game changer in creating a better medical billing experience. I can’t believe how easy it is to use for my practice. Wish I knew about this sooner to save time and money!"

Dr. Andree Trompeta, Private Practice - Los Angeles