Point of Sale

Your point-of-sale credit processing machine, a critical but often disconnected component of the healthcare providers patient financial experience.

We're set to change that. We've partnered with the largest point-of-sale developers and hardware manufacturers to create a credit card processing experience that is completely integrated into your end-to-end patient financial experience.

More importantly, we're able to deliver this at a cost that is lower than what you're paying today, and will always get better (decrease) over time.

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Get it all done in one place


Wellpay delivers intelligently timed gentle reminders to help your patients engage on their channel of choice.

Handle Disputes

An integrated and reliable way to track and respond to billing disputes - without leaving the Wellpay platform.


Credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, HSA, ACH... and 0% interest-free financing. Wellpay accepts it all, even when patients are on-the-go.

Pay Over Time

Wellpay helps your patients get care without putting your practice at risk for nonpayment. Multiple options from 0% financing to payment plans come integrated.

“We have significantly grown our revenue through the digital billing channel, and we couldn't have done that without Wellpay improving our team efficiency across multiple offices, and giving us the ability to do it all on the go."

Dr. Samad Khan, Primary Care - DALLAS TEXAS