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Covid-19 Note

Doing our part for a glimmer of hope

Twelve months ago we started Wellpay to remove financial barriers that plague our healthcare system. Why? Because patients were struggling to understand and pay their medical bills, making it harder to plan for and receive the care they needed. Likewise, medical providers were also grappling with complexities of patient billing, distracting them from healing and keeping us well.

We wanted to change that. We knew we could do better.

So we assembled a team with a deep conviction for solving this problem. Leveraging our collective healthcare, marketing, design, communications, economics, and finance experiences, we've been working in stealth mode to design a world-class solution. Along the way, we've partnered with likeminded, innovative providers who also want to deliver an inclusive and accessible experience for their patients. We were on our way to better. Yet...

Our plans changed.

Our country and world are now confronting an unprecedented healthcare and economic crisis. As a mission-driven team, we knew that this moment demanded of us to focus on what our global community truly needs.

We knew we could do better. Starting this week we're refocusing to support individuals and families affected by this crisis, in two ways.

First, we launched a tool for patients to negotiate a zero interest, zero fees payment plan. To patients - send us any and all of your outstanding medical bills. We'll work with your provider on flexible payment options. And we'll help you deal with surprises or charges that don't look right. Have a need for a patient financial advocate who can help break down medical bills so that it's easy to understand? We'll also cover that - free of charge.

Second, through August 2020 we waived all Wellpay platform fees for providers. To providers - know that in times of crisis, we will bear the burden of your patient collections efforts, without any compromise to your bottom line. We hope that using Wellpay will provide immediate admin and financial relief for providers and their front line staff.

We're going to continue to use our skills, focus, and all resources to do our part to support our community. We're inspired by those around us that are doing the same. This is the glimmer of hope that our community needs right now.

Mohammad Gaber
CEO, Wellpay

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What you get with Wellpay

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A simpler way to send and manage bills (digitally), and an easier bill for your patients to understand. Less confusing bills get paid faster and aren't a strain on your bottom line.

For Billers

Total control - Help your providers and patients 24/7 with real-time reporting and management of all bill activity. Close out your billing tasks before your day's done, every day.

For Patients

An incredibly easy-to-read medical bill. One where you can actually understand what's due. And the most painless way to pay it off. Or apply for 0% financing with no hidden fees, ever.

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