Amplifying a boutique clinic experience

Dr. Robert Purchase, MD
Purchase Orthopedic Clinic

How Wellpay reinvigorated the patient payment experience at Purchase Orthopedic Clinic

increase in net collection rate
increase in patient engagement
4 mins
fastest time a bill was paid after being sent

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"I wasn't happy with my old credit card processor. I just needed someone to collect credit card transactions quickly and reliably." - Dr. Purchase
At Purchase Orthopedic Clinic, the patient payment experience was severely lacking.

After numerous attempts at implementing a basic payment capture system, Dr. Purchase still struggled with:

  1. Capturing payments at the time of service. Current retail credit card systems were not made for a medical office setting.
  2. Effectively capturing payments through traditional billing methods. Paper statements, lost mails, and clerical errors were points of friction.

Why it worked

  1. We activated Wellpay's modern, integrated credit card terminal at the front office. Now, patient payments like co-pays could get captured immediately in a way that is streamlined specifically for a medical office setting.
  2. Aged A/R bills were digitally sent through the Wellpay platform, and bills were being paid in real-time, within a few minutes of sending the bills.
  3. Wellpay's virtual terminal was also used to capture payments remotely, after tele-health visits.
"One of my patients actually thanked me for instituting Wellpay." - Dr. Purchase


In only 10 days, and during the time of COVID-19, Wellpay's platform brought in some incredible results.

increase in net collection rate
increase in patient engagement
4 mins
fastest time a bill was paid after being sent
"Wellpay solved my #1 problem and it came with a bunch of benefits"

Handle patient financial communications like a pro. Wellpay delivers intelligently timed gentle reminders to help your patients engage on their channel of choice.

Handle Disputes

An integrated and reliable way to track and respond to billing disputes - without leaving the Wellpay platform. Our providers experience up to 80% declines in phone calls about disputes.


A complete suite of payment options to meet your patients where they are: pay in office or pay anywhere. Credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, HSA, ACH... and 0% interest-free financing. Wellpay accepts it all, even when patients are on-the-go.

Pay Over Time

In these economically challenging times, patients need payment flexibility. Wellpay helps your patients get care without putting your practice at risk for nonpayment. Multiple options from 0% financing to payment plans come integrated.

Get it all done in one place

A fragmented patient financial experience has significant impacts on your practice, your staff, and your revenue. Wellpay can help.

Get started with Wellpay for free!

No credit card, no long term commitment. HIPAA compliant. 100% secure.